Waitlist and Enrolment Process

At Little Adventures Early Learning, a suite of online Qikkids programs are used to manage the centres operations. Waitlists and enrolments are managed through QK Enrol which provides families with access to a parental portal called My Family Lounge.

It is recommended that a desktop or laptop computer are used to complete this process. If these options are not available please contact staff at Little Adventures to obtain a hard copy of the enrolment form

Step 1

Parent registers and creates an account through the QiKkids My Family Lounge link on the Little Adventures Early Learning Website

Step 2

Parent submits a Waitlist Request

Step 3

Parent is emailed an offer for a place at the centre

Step 4

Parent accepts/declines/modifies the offer within the specified time frame


Step 5

Parent completes and submits the enrolment form

Step 6

The $80 enrolment fee is charged via the Ezidebit system to secure booking and an enrolment pack is provided

Step 7

Confirmation email is sent to parent

Step 8

Parent and child are invited to attend an orientation session at the centre before the child commences




Register Now

To join our wait list, please Register with the My Family Lounge using the Register button. 

Need Help?

For further information on how to complete the waitlist and enrolment process,
follow our step-by-step guide here, or watch the YouTube video below.